History Of Fire Truck: The Importance Of Fire Trucks

When it comes to emergencies, there so many ways to call for help, it depends on what type of emergency you are into. Like for example, if you are experiencing fire around your neighborhood, or in your house, you can call the nearest fire department in your local area for rescue. Fire departments are the one responsible for putting out the fire and rescue. But do you have any idea about the history of fire truck? Actually, there so many facts about fire trucks that you can read and know about. Did you know that the first fire truck invented in early 1720’s? It had water pump, hand pumps, and reservoir. The first truck has a name and it’s called Newshan. The fire truck delivered up to 60 gallons per minute which is equivalent to the amount of two garden hoses. The wheels of the truck were made of wood, and where 2-3 inches wide and about a foot high. Could you imagine how it looks like? You can actually Google the images if you want to see the actual picture or image of the first ever fire truck.

040 history of fire truckAnd also, one of the signatures of a fire truck is the siren. Before the siren that firefighters used are bells and whistles. Fire companies used to have things watch the fire hydrants so their fire company could get the hydrant before a competing company, they were called plug uglies. After couple of years, in the early 19th century, firemen decided to propel fire trucks with horse-powered traction to make the traveling less complicated. But the horses had to wear a special shirt for protection from the fire so they won’t get burned. Then after that, in 1852, firemen have decided to use engines, and that is also the time when the steam-powered fire truck was introduced. Lastly, in the year early 20th century, the final change was made. The fire truck that uses gasoline-powered of the international-combustion engine was introduced or invented, which was the fire truck that is still used up to this day. Therefore, history of fire trucks tells us that fire trucks have been changed many times before it came up with its perfect frame.

Fire trucks and firefighters have been very helpful in putting out fire and recuing people who were trapped inside the burning building or houses. Another change that firefighters have is the suit that they wear. Before they don’t have that fire proof suit to fight off fire, that’s why they need to be careful when they are fighting fire. But base on reports, without proper protection, firefighters life are in jeopardy. Many firefighters have died during the encounter because of their poor protection. But because of the advancement of the technologies, perfect suits for firefighters were invented, a fire proof suit and shoes that can protect the life of firefighters during their fire encounters. Fire experts and scientists keeps on doing their research to improve the fire suits to protect firefighters. Fire department does not only put out fire but they are also good in rescuing. Like for example if you have a pet or a friend who is in danger, you can actually call fire department and ask for help. They have been trained to rescue and help animals or people whose lives are at risk. Fire department today plays a very important role when it comes to rescue and safety. They also give seminars about how to prevent fire and what you need to do if there is fire. They teach some survival techniques so that people will become aware of what they need to do if the firefighters are not yet around.

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